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How to guide: Making product labels on Canva

How to guide: Making product labels on Canva

So you wanna know how to make labels on Canva, huh? Let me tell you, I'm four years in the game of being business owner and I just got hip to this. Canva is not just for instagram post, sale flyers and cute inspirational quotes. Below I'm going give you a small but powerful guide on how to make some good product labels. And this applies to anything really....

1. Work on a large canvas

If your label is 2'x2' then, DO NOT use those dimensions. Because what will happen is when you go to upload the file, it will be grainy and blurry. Work in the dimensions of 1080x1080. Because shrinking down is way better than scaling up


2. Stay consistent in your fonts and colors 

If you want your brand to be noticeable-- then make sure you keep everything consistent. Color scheme generator is great when you're trying to develop the tone of your brand. Will you be earthy and grounded or colorful and bold? Also, know what different fonts are used for. Avoid too much swirly or bold font. Have a balance. Try creative market and search "font duo".


3. Use images in your product label

The best example I can share with you is mines. I use a bubble image to show that I have products centered around bubbles. lol I make stuff that will make you clean! Sometimes before people even read what your product actually is, they will look at the imagery on the product itself. 


4. Have fun 

Get with the times, do your research within your niche to see what sells. Pinterest is always my go to for examples and inspiration. But definitely check out the people on instagram that do the same thing as you. REMEMBER: DO NOT STRAIGHT COPY SOMEONE'S WORK, I SAID INSPIRATION, NOT STEAL!  


5. Print from Home is sometimes the better option

I learned very quickly to just print from home. You: What do you mean print from home? Me: I knew you would ask 😌🤣. It a service that Avery, Online labels and a few other platforms offer-- where you can design your label and then print it from the comfort of your home. I love it because I don't have to pay for shipping, if I mess up, great (not really) I can fix it right there. And usually its cheaper to buy the labels in bulk and self print any way. 

Tip: Design in Canva, save the label as a transparent file (.png). Then upload to a print from home platform.

Con: You have to have a printer and be willing to do strange things to buy ink (HA!) (No but seriously, ink is expensive) 


I hope this blog helped a little, if not a lot. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm more than happy to be of assistance if I can! 




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Good afternoon! I am hoping you can help me! I am new to canva and I am trying to print pantry labels. I have used a premade template that canva already has. When I go to try and print, each label is on a separate full page of paper. And it prints the entire label on the page so my 8.5×11 sheet is one big label!! 😳 I have resized the label to be 4×4 but I cannot figure out how to put multiple labels on one sheet of paper to print it out that way? Please help! All the videos I have watched have my head spinning. Please tell me this is an easy fix and I am overthinking it? I have been stuck for 2 weeks trying, rewatching, googling and I’m stuck and can’t figure it out. I am so discouraged that I am about to just break down and order some online :(
Any advice you can provide would be so much appreciated!! :)

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