Why Black Women don't self-care....

Why Black Women don't self-care....

Ahhhhh talk about stirring the pot!


I know this one is going to hit home for a lot of women. But in reality this is the honest truth, from a BLACK WOMAN. Sometimes it's so hard to ride on airplane mode and get yourself together, we have been conditioned to be strong, resilient, peaceful, funny, lovable, perfect and so much more. But do people really know the damage they cause to black women when after spilling your heart out or just openly being discontent they say, 

"Girl, you gone be good." 

"Black don't crack"**

"You strong, its in yo blood" 

.... And the list goes on and on...

**They literally say this outside of complimenting how great your skin is, they say it as if black women can't be emotional vulnerable for just a second. Take a look at some reasons why Black Women don't like self-care.


We have a serious misconception about self-care

I don't know how many times I have tried to explain to women in conversation, that its okay to take care of you. No that doesn't mean a new outfit and a trip to the spa. It means a good cry, scream, journal bomb fire and cleansing of all unnecessary ass spirits. And of course sometimes a bomb ass bath! 


In the media, movies or just life examples, it seems like it's not for us

I was watching tv one day and noticed I had watched 3-4 movies back to back where the black woman had to be dangerously strong. Not once was she comforted or consoled for like literally breaking down and just having a "moment". And honestly I was thrown by that. I said to myself "they too strong for me", and I said that because over time I learned it okay to not hold stuff in for the sake of everyone else around you. Even with just anti-aging cream, hair care, make-up, I don't see a lot commercials being marketed to us to say "It's okay take a break from life"... I just don't. 


We're afraid to regroup because don't know if we can

Sometimes, confronting those demons is hard. I told y'all, we gotta walk through life with our shit together and the moment you don't have it together you ain't shit. So imagine, trying to be in that space. But you really don't know if you open that bottle when it will stop fizzing over. See I try to be water, so no matter how hard you shake me I won't swell and explode. But in the world we live in, were painted to be soda, so fizz is what you will get! 


Some women really don't know if they are worthy of that time

Everyone depends on you to make it happen, and sometimes you lose your identity and forget, if you ain't good nobody is! Especially if you're a mother or wife. Those things require 24 hour access to you. BUT (there is a but), (insert claps) YOU ARE WORTHY OF A MOMENT TO YOURSELF. YOU ARE WORTHY OF A MOMENT TO REGROUP! 



 Be strong later queen, this is for you. 

I love you..

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