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5 reasons why I've said "F&^%$ being an entrepreneur!"

5 reasons why I've said "F&^%$ being an entrepreneur!"

Now, I would be lying if I said that I ONLY tried to quit 5 times.... it's been way more than that-- but I will say that these five reasons I'm going to give you came early on in my career as an entrepreneur. These reasons  below rarely cross my mind anymore due to my shift of thinking. 

Let's laugh at my pain, HA! 


1. I'm not making no damn money 

So yeah, duh! And I wish somebody would have told me early on that I wouldn't be right out the gate. I was wondering why I was transferring all my payments to my personal and then buying inventory again out my personal. HMMMMM I wonder why?! So I couldn't watch my business build because I was celebrating every moment while mixing and potentially spending the funds needed to build.

Reflection: (I learned within my first year) You should never mix your personal money with your business money. Create a business account and budget all business funds accordingly. Hire a CPA to give you a monthly overview of your funds.


2. I want my friends and family to support but they "acting funny" 

Imagine, shit I know you feel it. Being happy about your business and it "seems" everyone else around you isn't. And that's how I felt, like my "team" wasn't rooting me on. When in reality they aren't obligated to and so what if they don't! I found myself so infuriated that I would completely break down at the lack of engagement they had. 

Reflection: New flash! They're not your ideal customer, and if they are great. They'll buy in their own time. What you can't do is push your dreams down everyone's throat because they use to babysit you, wipe your ass, they're your best-friend or even your significant other.


3. My lifestyle shifted.. shifted shifted!

OH shit, you mean I have to prioritize chilling with girls in the city or binge watching 'The Walking Dead'?! I made sooo many bad decisions when I first started out in business. I knew I had orders coming in but Brain McKnight was playing in St. Louis and my homegirl invited me. I can't be rude? And in result, you have to pay for the consequences, and I paid in my time management being all messed up, thus messing my business up. Also, I realized that I was not taking care of myself, why you say? Because I didn't consider that in my business layout. That maybe I was doing twice as much-- shit sometimes four times as much and the time I use to have for myself I didn't have anymore. Well I did have, I just wasn't using it right.

Reflection: Time management is the best gift you can give yourself as an entrepreneur. You can still have fun but you must remember that first, you are a business wo(man)! And always remember to incorporate self-care at minimum twice a month. Check out some awesome self-care products made my myself!


Hold your breath for the next one.....


4. I didn't think I was worthy, at least not that worthy

Let me explain, I'm very confident. I mean I have definitely kissed myself in the mirror before. BUT, I had never seen an example of an entrepreneur in my family (except my dad). And with the stats that low and he's a man. You can imagine how small I felt when I started. The things that rushed through my mind: 

"Will people take me serious?"

"Is the money game (entrepreneurship) only for rich people?"

"Can I succeed as a black woman in this country?" (OOOhhhhh *burns fingers*)

Reflection: As cliché as it sounds, you really are your only competition. Out of all the reasons- this one was the hardest to grasp. Sometimes you gotta be the first and be okay with that. As they say "ride your own wave", no amount of ebooks, hardbacks, podcast and daily pep talks from my friends helped me overcome this. It was something that had to shift in me internally (spiritually). 


5. I got way too much emotion invested in this!

This reason I still struggle with, because its something that if things go left, my feelings go with it. I've always called my business my baby and I meant that. Shit, if I could put an age on it I would say like-- 10 months old (forever lol). That sweet spot when yo baby has funny facial expressions to what you think is a response to your statements or attitude. Yo know, your little homie. Thats how I felt, I'd had enough experiences good/bad to love the what my business had and was becoming. 

Reflection: This is something that I think is the biggest invested next to money. Because if its goes great, you can run off a high for days/weeks. But if it goes bad, that can send you in depression, thoughts of suicide, and so much more. 

*Suicide is very serious and common amongst entrepreneurs, please do go quiet about the matter. Get the help you need! I love you*

Suicide Information


All in all, looking back at these reasons. I literally have laughed at myself more times than I've been down. Your business is arguably a reflection of you, and you my friend are perfectly flawed. Live your best life and get this money. 


This one is for you, 

I love you!


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