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5 Things to remember about Self-Care

5 Things to remember about Self-Care

How many times do you say "I'm going to relax and treat myself this weekend!"? But never really get to it... or you do and maybe feel like your not doing the right thing because it isn't a full getaway. Hopefully after reading this, you'll feel better about your self-care routine or actually implement one! 

Here is 5 Things to remember about Self- Care

1. Its necessary

A lot of people think they can float by life and not take care of themselves. But truth is everyone needs a little time to rejuvenate. It extremely important to make time for yourself, check in with your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional battery. 

2. It doesn't cost a lot of money or any 

I learned this the hard way... All of the money spent on spa days, expensive books, Starbucks (LAWDDD) and so much more things that I thought would give me the ultimate recharge. And yet I found the most peace in a 2 hour nap or a walk. Now for some, this is not an issue but if you're like me, I like to eat more than I like a massage- so yeah. 

3. What you do now, will pay off later 

Again, I'm speaking from experience. The time you invest now in yourself will definitely pay off in the long run. You'll look back 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year later, thanking yourself! If you have trouble with scheduling, try putting it in a calendar for 5 minutes as a reminder everyday. Then a full Saturday or Sunday and so on. 

4. Self- Care isn't always a spa experience

Self- Care looks like you reading your favorite book, meeting up with a good friend for lunch, maybe even a good cry (no- really). Whatever it is is totally up to you. 

5. It helps with your mental, emotionally and physically well being

There is nothing like being confident and ready to take on the world and it's problems! Can't do that if you don't dedicate time to figuring yourself out! Remember to take care of the one body, mind and soul that you have so you can take care of others. 

To conclude- keep your head up. I know this world get hard. Adult-ing alone is a beast and we all need a little TLC. Always remember to make time for yourself. Peace, love and blessings until next time Fizz Fam!


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