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The Power of Aromatherapy with Shower Steamers

The Power of Aromatherapy with Shower Steamers

Let's face it, preparing for a blissful night in the tub can be a pain on the prep side. After working long hours, tending to children and still being a functioning adult, you simply just want to get clean.... I get it. 

Aromatherapy applications vary from soothing to stimulating, and balancing to boosting. Their powers are not merely mood-enhancing or suppressing. For example, rosemary and eucalyptus may help with mucus, and lavender has been shown to be as relaxing as a pharmaceutical sedative. Essential oils have a place in almost any household, because of their versatile applications. But what does that mean for my shower or bath?

The Benefits of Shower Steamers

Your on-the-go lifestyle that keeps you busy. The shower steamer perfectly compliments your desires for aromatherapy in an easy to use product. You get aromatherapy benefits while  staying on schedule. Simply place the palm-sized puck on the shower floor (away from the drain), and you’re on your way to a blissful shower experience.

Once on the shower floor, the tablet dissolves and releases aromatic essential oils into the air targeting your needs. Whether you need a boost of energy, a moment to de-stress or a reason to get to bed we have a steamer for you. 
We created three Shower Steamers to serve your body's needs: 

Sleepy- If you are ready for bed this is the shower steamer for you. Lavender, Chamomile and Oat & Honey Blended to guide you to sweet blissful sleep. 

Wake up- Invigorating blend of Lemon, Pink Grapefruit and  Bergamot for that boost of energy. This is best used for those slow mornings with a tight schedule.

Break Time- Eucalyptus and Spearmint blend to assist in decompressing and relaxing after the longest of longest days. Also great for sinus relief. 

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