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Mother's Day Initiative

Almost 17 years ago, I watched my mom spend Mother's Day operating in "super mom" mode. We had been residents at our local family shelter and as joyous as that day was my mom could not fully embrace the celebration of motherhood. We were in a transitional time and maybe then she consider self care as something "secondary". Back then I didn't know how important self care was and the stigma around it. Three years ago we changed that-- we created the 'You got this Mama' initiative 


Why we do this? 

In 2015, I realized after a terrible car accident that I didn't really understand what self care was or even how to start. On top of having some sensitivity to big box brand products, I made a vow to better understand how to take care of myself within my current capacity. I found out that I didn't need fancy spa days or $100 products to refill my cup and allow a space for my mind, spirit and emotion to recharge. 


Our Initiative 

Our goal is to remind women that self care is inclusive! No matter where you are in life you deserve to take care of your self. Our goal is to serve about 200 women this year through our local family shelter. We are providing a self care box that includes: Body butter, shower steamers, luffa pad/puff, combs, brushes and shower gel. We are delivering these products on Mother's Day (5/14/2023).


How can you help?

You can donate by click the link below or for the items like combs, brushes and luffa/pads you can donate to us. Just simply email us @ and we will take care of you!


We thank you in advance for your continued support!