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About us

Bom Skin & Co. is a brand that is committed answering the question, "Do I choose myself today?" BSC develops skin loving products for people who struggle to put themselves first daily with delightful scents and high quality formulas. Our products harness the power of proven skin loving formulas and nature to provide you with a spa like experience every single day. 

Markeisha, the founder of Bom Skin & Co. was conflicted between hustling hard and not knowing the true meaning of self care. "It was a moment that I found myself in a forceful situation, where I had to evaluate my physical, emotional and mental health. I realized I worked too hard and in exchange I neglected myself. I vowed to myself moving forward that I would choose to find pockets of happiness and self care."


Self care is INCLUSIVE


We believe that everyone should have access to high quality self care products. We partner with a local organization to provide unhoused families with self products, from tooth brushes to shower steamers annually. 


Empowering the FUTURE


Our youth are growing leaders in our society. BSC is committed to teaching young girls about entrepreneurship. We work with youth between ages 12-19 on the base of being a leadership, running a business and the evolution of STEM. Youth get hands on experience in our warehouse, working with partners and suppliers, formulating and logistics. Our goal is to teach 1000 youth about entrepreneurship, to date we have served over 100 youth. 



  "We are what we create in this life. I chose to create something innovative and unforgettable. I created Bom Skin & Co."- Markeisha Jayy